It can be necessary to change owner of a property from one person to another, this would typically be done when a property is sold.

Note: if all that has changed is the owners name and the same owner should still have access to past and future reports this should be handled by simply changing the owners’s name.

The steps below reflect the method to change the ownership of a property from one owner to another. In this case the old owner would have access to the accounts for their ownership of the property and a new owner access to accounts for their ownership of the same property.

Steps are:

  • Transfer all bookings that fall under the ownership of the old owner as normal

On the Trust setup page:

  • Add new owner (Owners tab)
  • Change ownership of old owner to disabled (Owners ↔ Rooms tab)
  • Link new owner to property (Owners ↔ Rooms tab)

Once this is done, bookings that are transferred to trust will go to the account of the new Owner (the currently enabled Ownership). Both the reports for the old ownership and new ownership will be accessible and journal entries, bills etc can still be added to both ownership’s as normal.