Check out procedure for Front Desk HQ and RoomBoss.

Guest Check Out with Front Desk

To check out a guest:

  1. Access Front Desk HQ.
  2. Select today’s Date.
  3. Select Property type.
  4. Click Departure.
  5. A list of bookings will be shown, identify the guest and find the booking.
  6. Check View Notes for important information regarding the guest’s booking.
  7. Does the Financial section have two green ticks?
    1. Yes. Click on green Check Out button.
    2. No. Click on the Payment button to check outstanding balance, Notes will show additional payment information.
  8. Clicking on the Booking ID will log into RoomBoss for more functionality (if required).

Guest Check Out via RoomBoss

When a guest arrives at the front desk to check out:

  1. Access the Operations Report from under Reports menu.
  2. Make sure today’s Date is selected.
  3. Check the Include Departing Bookings option and click Generate Report.
  4. Identify the guest checking out.
  5. Read the Booking Notes for important information.
  6. Does the Financial section have two green ticks?
    1. Yes. Click the Status link to change to Checked Out.
    2. No. Click the booking ID to open the booking and confirm whether payment is due on check out.
Reservations teams should add departure times to bookings. Check outs will be listed in proper order if the departure time has been set. 

If you have cases with two checkouts per booking and wish to manage them separately;

  • Reservations or front desk team adds a task of Activity “Check Out” for the earlier departure.
  • Step 3 above Include Tasks with Activity “Check Out”.
    • For the earlier departure set the “Check Out” task as completed.
    • For the later departure set the accommodation booking Status as Checked Out.