General recommendations for Front Desk teams.

Use Individual Logins

Having a different login for each team member helps keep track of things. Quickly identify who is in charge of a booking, or who has made changes.

Make Use of Tasks

Manage individual work items as separate tasks. Know who is responsible, when it is due, and if the task has been completed.

A series of tasks on a booking conveys a clear timeline of information.

Using tasks helps keep the Booking Notes concise and free of information that is no longer needed for current or upcoming operations.

Maintain Booking Notes

Add notes to keep track of important information. Also recognise it’s difficult to find relevant information within a very long note.

Keep information that is still relevant near the top of the booking note. Remove sections that are no longer needed.

The Operations Report shows notes on accommodation bookings. Keep key notes on the accommodation booking as opposed to on packaged item bookings.


Point of Sale With Square

RoomBoss can be setup to work with a Square account to allow card present POS charging of guest credit cards. Charges will automatically be updated within your RoomBoss account.  

This allows automatic control of the payment amount and automatic update of booking as paid in RoomBoss.


To use this feature you will need:

  • A Square Account.
  • A Square Credit Card Reader.
  • A device (Tablet/Phone) with Square Point of Sale App installed, payments can only be processed on a device (Tablet/Phone) with the Square Point of Sale App.


Please feel free to contact RoomBoss if you are interested in this feature.