Each user account can be customised for specific user needs, granting read and write access to authorised areas relevant to a user’s job role.

Administrators are able to view and change access and permissions by navigating to → Account  Users.

Adding a User

Navigate → Account  Users

To add a user, enter the Name, Email address and Telephone number, then select the appropriate access and click Add User.

If no user roles are selected, then the newly created user will be able to view reports, but will not be able to make any changes. (For more details on levels of access, see User Roles below.)

Upon completion, a new username and password will be generated, which you will need to provide to the login holder.

User Passwords

When creating new users (or in the case that a user has forgotten their password), there are two ways that the Super Administrator can provide the password to the user.

    1. The Super Administrator can see all user passwords on this screen by clicking the Show Passwords button and entering their password.

    1. The Super Administrator can also provide the user with their login and this link: https://app.roomboss.com/public/sendcred.jsf. The user then enters their user name or registered email and receives their password by email.

Note that recovering user credentials via email is only possible if the user has a registered email address.

User Roles

Setting roles grants users permission to access / change different areas of the system.


Manage Bookings User can create new and edit or cancel existing bookings.
Manage Stock / Allotments / Stop Sell User can create new and edit or delete existing agent agents allotments, set and edit stop sells and manage channel manager stock.
Manage Booking Channels User can grant, remove or edit agent access and commissions and portal site listings.
Manage Rates User can create new and edit or delete existing rates or price adjustments.
Manage Products User can create new and edit or make existing products inactive and edit vendor settings and rich message.
Custom ID mandatory on purchases as agent Checking this box will require the user to enter a Custom ID when making bookings of any 3rd party product.
Merge Guest Admin User can use Merge Guest function.
Bulk Invoice Admin User can use Bulk Invoice/Payments.
Website Configuration Admin User can setup and edit Website Configurations.
Currency Exchange Rate Admin User can set exchange rates used on website booking engine.
Edit Payments Once payments have been recorded, they can only be edited by users with this permission (users must also have Manage Bookings permission to access the invoices).
Bring Into Package Admin User can use Bring Into Package function.
Manage Sales Desks Allows user to setup/change sales desks.
Price Components Admin Allows user to setup and edit Price Components.
Edit Gross Price Role
Role in addition to Manage Bookings, user can edit the gross price (only in case of vendors).
Edit Sell Price Role
Role in addition to Manage Bookings, user can edit the sell price of a booking, (applies for both vendors and agents). Vendors can edit the sell price, and agents can edit the agent sell price.

Additional Notes on Permissions

  • All users can see the name, email address, telephone number and permissions of other users.
  • Users can edit their own name, email address, telephone number and password.

Super Administrator Only Permissions

  • See other user passwords or login details
  • Add or edit users or change permissions.
  • See log in count, last log in and account creation date.

Modifying an Existing User

Navigate → Account  Users

To edit an existing user click Edit to the left of their name, change details as necessary, then click Update User.

Making a User Inactive

To make an exiting user inactive, click Edit to the left of their name. Change the Status to Inactive and then click Update User, inactive users can no longer log in.

You can hide inactive users by checking the Hide Inactive Users checkbox.

Users cannot be deleted as they are linked to the bookings they make or edit. To remove access to a user, simply change the Status of the account to Inactive.