To set-up Flywire gateway integration:

Please contact Flywire for help with updating settings on the Flywire side. Once this is done and you have received your Portal Code and Shared Secret:

Log in to RoomBoss as the Master user.

Navigate  Product Setup   Product Details  Policy 

  • Uncheck Omit Online Payment
  • Select Payment Account TypeFlywire
  • Enter your Portal Code (Available from Flywire)
  • Enter your Shared Secret (Available from Flywire)
  • Click Save

Notes on Flywire

  • When receiving payments by bank transfer it is possible for the payment amount to be different to the invoice amount, In this case a payment for the received amount will be added to the booking and the initial invoice will not be marked as paid.
  • It is possible in certain cases for a payment to be cancelled by Flywire after they have notified RoomBoss that is has been received and we have marked as such.
  • RoomBoss passes the package start date and guest address to Flywire.

Please discuss these cases with Flywire if you have any questions.