RoomBoss can be setup to work with your Square account to allow card present POS charging of guest credit cards. Charges will automatically be updated within your RoomBoss account.

Setup Square POS

You will need:

  • A Square Account
  • A Square Credit Card Reader
  • A device (Tablet/Phone) with Square Point of Sale App installed

Note –  Square is not required to be your main payment gateway to use the POS solution. You can continue with your existing gateway and use Square solely for POS.

Square Account

Please contact Square to setup an account here.

  • You may be eligible for a free Square magstripe card reader, please ask Square about this.
  • Please discuss rates with Square, RoomBoss has no control over the rates available.

The Square Credit Card Reader

You can find details of the available Square Readers and order here.

Square Point of Sale App

The Square Point of Sale App does not work on a desktop computer, payments must be processed on a mobile device (tablet/smartphone) with the Square Point of Sale App installed, you can download the app to your device via the links below:

To complete the setup, connect your reader to your device and open the Square Payment App. Please contact Square with questions about the app/reader setup.

Charge an in House Hotel Guest With Square POS

You can navigate directly to the payment page from the Front Desk HQ page in RoomBoss:

To make a payment for this booking, click the icon in the Payment column on the right. This will take you to the page for making payments for existing bookings (shown below).

Charge a Guest for an Existing Booking With Square POS

In addition to accessing a booking from Front Desk HQ, you may locate and access bookings with the Existing Booking POS page from the menu – enter the Booking ID and click View Booking.

In the screenshot above, we can see a booking for 120,000 Yen with a paid invoice for 20,000 Yen and an unpaid invoice for 80,000 Yen.

The user has 3 options:

Pay Now – Clicking Pay Now on an invoice will navigate to the Square Point of Sale App for payment of the invoice only, in the above case 80,000 Yen.

Pay Uninvoiced Balance – Clicking this will create an invoice for 20,000 yen (the uninvoiced amount) and navigate to the Point of Sale App for payment of 20,000 Yen.

Pay Entire Outstanding Balance – Clicking this will remove the 80,000 yen invoice, create an invoice for 100,000 yen (the unpaid amount) and navigate to the Point of Sale App for payment of 100,000 yen.

The payment processing takes place inside the Point of Sale App, afterwards the user will be returned to RoomBoss and (if payment was successfully processed) invoices will be updated as paid inside RoomBoss.

If you are experiencing issues with payment when using Safari on an iPad. We suggest using Google Chrome instead.

Making a New Service Booking and Charging With Square POS

If you have a guest who is making a booking and paying for it at the same time, you can handle this with the New Booking POS page:

Items can be added to the booking and then when the booking is completed the user will be taken to the existing booking page for this booking to process payment.

Registering Your Square Account Inside RoomBoss

To maintain payment security we recommend registering inside RoomBoss all Square accounts that you will use to process payments.

If an invoice is paid in your account using a Square POS with an account that is not registered inside RoomBoss you will receive an email notification.

To register an account inside RoomBoss:

Navigate >> Account >> Square Account

Click Add Account and follow the steps to register your Square account inside RoomBoss.

It is possible to register multiple accounts and you should register all Square accounts that you will be using for POS here.