It is possible to create journal entries inside RoomBoss by a direct upload from Excel.

This is done via the Add Journal Entries page.

Navigate >> Trust >> Add Journal Entries

In the Bulk Add Journal Entries area, click Download Template File 

The downloaded file will contain 2 tabs:

A Journal Entries tab for adding the Journal Entries you wish to upload.

And an Accepted Values tab listing the accepted values for the OWNER, LEDGER and ACCOUNT  values on the Journal Entries tab.

The upload is prepared by entering the values into the Journal Entries tab eg.

Then uploaded by clicking the +XLSX button and choosing the file to upload then clicking Upload. This will create the following Journal Entries:

Failed Upload

If there is a problem with the upload no Journal Entries will be created and you will see:

Failed to post journal entries! Please download the Excel file and check your inputs.

To check your upload download the file showing the errors click Download File Marking the Errors

This will give a file with the errors marked in yellow eg.

Column J indicates if the row is OK or contains an ERROR.

  • Row 2 – Issue with the date (no period is open for April 2019)
  • Row 3 – No Error
  • Row 4 – Issue with the values (the debit and credit amounts must be the same)
  • Row 5 – WAT is not one of the accepted Account values
  • Row 6 – No Error
  • Row 7 – Man is not one of the accepted Ledger values

Correct the errors and upload again.