It is possible for the account Master User to set different levels of permission for each user of your RoomBoss account, you can see more on general user permissions here.

This page covers the permissions related to Trust Accounting, you will not have access to these permissions unless trust accounting is set up for your account, please contact RoomBoss if you would like to use Trust Accounting.

To mange trust permissions, log in as the master user and:

Navigate → Account → Users

Users with Trust R1 – View permission can:

  • See owner reports but not make any changes
  • See postings but not make any changes

Users with Trust R2 – Manage Owners permission can

  • Create/edit owners and map owners to rooms
  • View but not create or edit contracts

Users with Trust R3 – General Accounting permission can

  • Finalise and Transfer Payments to trust
  • Finalise packages
  • Transfer bookings to trust
  • Register/Upload Journal entries
  • Void payments and bills

Users with Trust R4 – Manage Contracts permission can

  • Setup/edit contracts

Users with Trust R5 – Advanced Accounting permission can

  • Open new and close existing trust periods
  • Un-transfer bookings
  • Un-finalise packages

Contact RoomBoss if you need to:

  • Setup or edit actions, accounts, ledgers and account aliases.
  • Reopen closed trust periods