In order to allow tracking of an individual guest’s lesson history and facilitate CRM, it is possible to link one or multiple guests to their lessons.

For it to be possible to track in this way guests must be added to a package and then linked to the lessons they will attend.

Adding Guests to a Package

When making a booking it is possible to use an existing guest as the lead guest at creation time rather than adding a new guest:

For existing bookings/packages you can add existing guests, also, via the guests tab:

Or add new guests via the guests tab:

If you have multiple incidences of the same guest in the system please see Merge Guests

Linking Guests to a Lesson

Once we have added guests to our bookings we can link these guests to their lesson(s) on the Edit Booking page:

In the above the user:

  1. Links TestGuest and TestGuest2 to the AM Private Ski Lesson lesson
  2. Links TestGuest3 to the All Day Private Ski Lesson lesson
  3. Links TestGuest2 to AM Adult Group Ski Lesson
  4. Links TestGuest3 to AM Adult Group Ski Lesson