Updates made in December 2017 are:

Ski School – Changes to Timesheet Report to Improve Reporting:

  • Reporting of group sizes and wage per lesson added
  • Filters and sorting added to Results by Instructor tab

Ski School – Changes to Schedule+ Page

  • Unallocate lessons by drag back to the unallocated lessons panel
  • Search for multiple names with the instructor name filter
  • Add product options to the hover for lessons that are already allocated.
  • Hide Ti/Ts table to provide more space when scheduling, by checking/unchecking “Show Category Total Table”
  • Open bookings from the unallocated lessons panel

Ski School – Excel download added to the Schedule > Lesson Intervals page

Ski School – Speed Improvements to the Schedule Page

Ski School – Enable Linking Activities to Parent Categories

We Also Doubled the Amount of Memory Available to the RoomBoss Servers.