Updates made in November 2017 are:

Sales / Consumption Tax / VAT / Service Charge Modeling in RoomBoss

So it is possible to manage sales tax and service charges with RoomBoss.

Changes Made to Ordering of Properties on the Multi Accommodation Widget

To favour properties you manage where they are of appropriate size.

Trust Accounting – Multi Month Report For Owners Added

To allow owners to more easily see information for periods longer than a single month.

Changes to Agent Booking Access

To allow better control of agent access to edit existing bookings and allow setting of different booking windows for requests and reservations.

Ski School – Automatic Confirmation of Agent Bookings Linked to Availability

To make the confirmation step unnecessary, but only if lessons are available.

Automatic Confirmation of  Agent Guest Service Bookings

To make the confirmation step unnecessary for free sell products.

Ski School – Instructor Messenger

So messages can be sent from RoomBoss to instructors via their login. See more here.