Updates made in June 2017 are:

Invoice Templates

It is now possible to set invoice templates so invoices can be automatically added to bookings based on criteria set in the templates. You can see more on this here.

User Currency Selector Added to Mobile Friendly Widgets

It is now possible to allow your website users to display your rates in their currency of choice. This is managed via the web configuration for website, see more on this here.

Note Added To Guest

It is now possible to add notes about all your lead and additional guests, notes will be present on the edit booking screen (guests tab),  booking search (by guest) and on the custom booking download page (lead guest only). This will allow you to keep more detailed records about individual guests.

Manager Report – Beta

A new financial report for accommodation vendors with support for Guest Ledger, City Ledger and Advance Ledger plus payments and general overview, see more on this here.

Support For Facebook Conversion Tracking Added In The Website Configuration

So users can track Facebook conversions in the same way as Google Adwords conversions can be tracked, see more on this here.