Commission adjustments can be used to provide short term or context dependent changes to agent commissions.

Agents have a base commission rate for each vendor which is applied to all bookings the vendor, you can see more on base commission setting here.  If you would like to make a permanent change to an agents commission it is best to update the base rate. For other changes and/or to have finer control over agent commissions it is best to use commission adjustments.

Navigate  →   Product Setup  →  Commission Adjustment

Commission adjustments can be positive or negative, a +5% commission adjustment would increase the agent commission (so the net price would be 5% lower), a -5% commission adjustment would decrease the agent commission( so the net price would be 5% higher).

They can apply to bookings:

  • for all or only certain products
  • for all or only certain booking sources (Agents)
  • for bookings created in a chosen date range
  • for bookings staying in a chosen date range
  • for bookings of a chosen duration

The above would apply a 10% increase in commission to all stay dates in March 2018 if:

  • the product is Block 1 : 2BDR
  • the agent is Agent 1
  • the booking is made between 2017/08/01 and 2017/11/30
  • the booking is more than 5 nights long

Other Examples

Commission adjustments could be used to:

  • drop commission by 3% for peak dates
  • increase commission for March
  • increase commission for a single agent for all bookings made but only until the end of winter
  • increase commission for all agents on bookings that are longer than 10 nights
  • increase commission on bookings for your more expensive products

We recommend you check all adjustments via the price calculator page.