RoomBoss mobile friendly enquiry widgets can be set up to allow users to secure their reservation immediately by making a payment via your payment gateway.

To enable Book and Pay for a vendor Navigate → Product Setup→ Product Details, choose the Vendor you would like to enable and select the Policy tab:

Uncheck the Disable Book & Pay checkbox and click Save at the bottom of the page.

To enable Book and Pay the vendor must have a payment gateway setup, you can see more on this here → Payment Gateway Integration

Once enabled, on widgets, if the property has availability and if minimum stay (accommodation bookings), booking window requirements are met for all items in the enquiry and a book and pay invoice strategy has been set up for these dates guests will see 2 buttons, Send Enquiry and Book & Pay:

If guest clicks Send Enquiry you will receive a request as normal.

If guest clicks Book & Pay:

  • A reservation will be made with invoices reflecting your invoice templates for Direct Website bookings, see more here.
  • The guest will be directed to the Intranet your booking page for this booking where they can make payment.
  • If you have set a template email for this, the guest will receive a “Book and Pay reservation made email”, you can see more on this here →  Emailing Your Guests From RoomBoss
  • A task “Book and Pay booking received please check” will be created inside your account.

When checking Book and Pay bookings, if the guest has not made payment then you can follow up with them or cancel their booking as per your cancellation policy.