Updates made in November 2015 are:

1 – Displaying Consumption / Sales Tax on Invoices and Receipts

2 – Vendor Specific Message for Guest Intranet

It is now possible to add a vendor specific Intranet Message for every vendor that you book, this includes vendors that you are on-selling as an agent.

3 – Operations Report – One Click Check in and Filter to Show Managed Properties Only Added

4 – Add Invoice Note to Intranet

  • The Invoice note added when creating an invoice is now displayed on the customer Intranet.

 5 – Added Square to List of Payment Methods for Invoicing

 6 – Ski School Account Changes

  • Show assigned instructor on tablet check in.
  • Show labels not index for product options on tablet check in.

7 – Added Check Out Date to Payments Report and Download

  • The Check out date is now shown on the Payments report and Download

8 – In House Report All Guests Download Added

9 – Page Added For Reporting Wufoo Forms Results