RoomBoss supports integration with WuFoo to allow you to collect customer information via forms you design and report this inside RoomBoss.


WuFoo is a 3rd party online form builder that allows people without a coding background to create forms including contact forms, online surveys and registrations.

The RoomBoss – WuFoo integration will allow you to collect information via a WuFoo form linked to the customer intranet and will show this information on the edit booking screen inside your RoomBoss account.

What Could This Help You Do?

  • Collect user ski lesson registration information prior to arrival.
  • Collect user check in information prior to arrival.
  • Collect user feedback which can be tracked back to their booking.

It is possible to combine this with MailChimp so you could, for example, send an email to all customers coming in the next month with a personalised link for them to fill in registration details which would then show against their booking in RoomBoss.

How To Setup WuFoo Integration

Make an account with WuFoo – Wufoo offer free accounts, however if you will be using file uploads, more than 3 forms or receiving many replies a paid account is required. See more details here – WuFoo Pricing

Add Your WuFoo API Key to Your RoomBoss Account

Please see this from WuFoo on finding your API key.

To add your API Key to your RoomBoss account:

Navigate → Account → Edit Account Details

Add the API Key in the appropriate box and click Save.


Creating Your Forms

To make form responses display in RoomBoss: the first field you create on your form needs to be a number field. RoomBoss will use this to enter the RoomBoss booking number, it is best to hide this field from your guest.

When creating your form in WuFoo:

  1. Make the first field on your form a number field.
  2. To hide this field access the Field Settings tab for Field1, and type “hide” in the Add CSS Layout Keywords box at the bottom left of the screen.


Please note the first field (Field1) you add to your form must be a number field. In case you add the first field that is not a number field, please create a new form and add a number field. Adding a number field later then reordering fields do not work in this case.

There are no other requirements from RoomBoss with regards to content of the WuFoo form, however, if you have file uploads in your form these will not display in RoomBoss.

Please see this link for more from WuFoo on creating forms

Add the WuFoo Form Link to RoomBoss

Once your form is complete, add the WuFoo form link to the appropriate vendor page in your RoomBoss account.

To find the link in your WuFoo account:

Inside WuFoo, Navigate → Forms and click Share on the form you wish to use

Cut and paste the link shown:

Inside RoomBoss, Navigate → Product Setup → Product Details 

Choose the appropriate vendor and select the Policy tab – paste the form link from WuFoo towards the bottom of the page and click Save

You can add one form per language per vendor, if you have set up forms in multiple languages the guest will be able to access the form that is appropriate to their browser language settings from the Guest Intranet page.


The link to the form for each booking will be displayed to you towards the bottom of the edit a booking screen – any guest responses to the form are accessible here:


Wufoo links are also shown to agents on their edit a booking page.

Note: links to and screen shots from other sites are correct at time of publishing, please let us know if there are any broken links etc. in this page.

Wufoo Reporting in RoomBoss

As well as showing any Wufoo forms submissions on the edit a booking screen, it is possible to search for all form submissions for bookings which commence in a date range:

Navigate → Reports →  Wufoo Entries Report


Select A Vendor, start date, number of days, form by language and click show.

The report will show all Wufoo submissions for this form for all bookings of this vendor, which overlap the dates selected.

The report can be downloaded to Excel.